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4 days vastu course

Vastu Course Overview

Now, you can learn Complete Vastu Shastra & numerology by doing just 1 course and you can become a successful  Vastu Expert in 3Days of intense training. Even if you are a beginner in the field of Vastu Shastra, 3 Day Advance Vastu Course is the best course for you because it covers everything at one place. You don’t have to roam here and there looking for more knowledge. We'll keep upgrading your knowledge after the course as well via live sessions and group discussions.

On the other hand, the style of teaching is really simple and easy and this course also offers the best after course support to the course participants by conducting online Live Sessions and Group Discussions in vmv vastu maha vastu Groups available on Facebook and Watsapp. 



1. Direction Chakra

2.Magenetic Compass

3.Notes Booklet

4. Basic Stationery


, we will learn basics of Vastu Shastra. Your Journey begins with basic understanding of Vastu Shastra like what is Vastu, How it came into existence,with half and hour meditation etc.

You will then learn How to use an Oil-Filled Magnetic Compass for finding North direction of any Building and mark 32 Entrances and 16 directions on the Layout Plan of that Building.

Then, we will learn the effects of main 4 directions ,then next main 4 directions and then resty 8 Directions in detail along with their treatment.

We will also learn about 45 Energy Fields of Vastu Purush Mandal in a Building, their Activation Techniques and Usage their food ,their colour,good bad effect.

use of direction chakra,all about favourable colours of each and every 16 directions and zones.

Method of taking degrees through megnetic compass,normal compass,mobile compass.


, we will learn everything about 5 Elements, also known as, Panch Bhoota. Five Elements is the base of Vastu Shastra and the most important thing while doing Vastu of any building is to balance 5 Elements properly.

We will learn in detail, how to balance 5 Elements in any building as per Cycle of Creation, Cycle of Destruction and Cycle of Control,which is commanly called creation and control and balancing,that is the problem,its reason,its solution.

We will learn How to calculate Cut and Extended Portions in irregular shaped Homes or Apartments and Balance them with simple vastu remedies without demolitions.

we will learn effects of entrance according to devtas and asuras and how to control bad effect.

Use of pyramids,effect of  kitchen and toilets in different directions,good and badd place for both of them.

We will learn the effects of all the Vastu Remedies that we use in Vastu Shastra like Red Horses, Pyramid, Bagua Mirrors, Springs,with this not only solution with vastu remedies but with home remedies and programming too,2d ,3d remedies and their use and get results from them,how to mark bhramasthan,use of colours in vastu in your home,how to identify objects creating problems for you and its creation,use of mirror for vastu rectifications,myth about virtual entrance,effects of home  objects on you.


, we will start learning  the most important part in vastu that is to learn How to make a barchart and calculation zonal strength of any house or any office plan. It’s a simple procedure and you will require your smartphone and a free app installed in it to strength of each direction and zone,how to balance it and how to mark favorable colour and remove unfavourable ones as per the balancing.

After learning barchart making, we will learn map study in detail and practice reading a house plan map for finding out the reasons of problems facing by the owner

home map tells everything about an individual. Once you learn how to decode the techniques of marking 16 directions then their effects and each zonal devtas effect.

Then, we will learn health and vastu,that is vastu concepts which are directly and indirectly connected to vastu their problem its reason,its required changes,its solution ,solution through appropriate mantras and vastu remedies.  

After leraning barchart and helath vastu then their will be a huge discussion about maps of students with this live case studies...we will provide some maps too for further practise. 

You will also learn about numerology to leran how to change name of an individual and chek balance area through losho grid.

With this after the course will be completed with the own map discussion of all members then certificates distribution will be conducted 

VMV provides one month free support to all its members after completeion of course too.

You will be certified as Advance Vastu Consultant by Mr. Sanchit Agarwal

Happy Learning!!!

4 days advance vastu certified vastu course

ABHISHEK AGARWAL ( General Manager)


1 month support plus can join vmv whatsapp gropu also



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